Hi, my name is Leia... and I am a designer/photographer. (See more of my work at leiajobe and leiahats)

My church has just started a new curriculum... We are walking through the Bible in a year with an outline based on Zondervan's "The Story" curriculum!!! I'm also starting a new photo project... so (via God's perfect timing), I thought I would combine the two experiences here:

* I've never read all the way straight through the Bible before... this is finally it!

* Every Sunday I'll share a brief thought about my reading and post some photos that I create to go along with it. A lot of these will be abstract, fine art photos I take during the week (usually with the Lensbaby for its dreamy effect), others will be graphic design pieces, others will be straight up inspired photographs.

* This is about searching through God's word and being grateful for His wisdom and for all creation.

I hope you'll join me in this new direction I'm taking with dailythanks.org... It's all about giving thanks to God for His many blessings on a daily basis.

This year I'm discovering those blessings in His Word, and in His world. Please read with me!!!

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