Sunday, June 3, 2012

2 Chronicles 1-9

The description of Solomon's temple in these chapters is pretty amazing... and to be honest, I am so inspired to go create something that it is hard to continue reading!!! But persist, I must.  I especially love this verse: 2 Chronicles 4:13... "Fine linen woven with blue, purple, and red wool, and embroidered with designs of winged creatures..."

Again I am remembering a verse from last week's reading, which reminds me that every good and beautiful thing in this entire world comes from God: every good and perfect and amazing and beautiful and inextricable thing, including the gold that Solomon used to make the temple. And since everything came from God in the beginning, we are wise to give a little of it back to Him, and thank Him for it, too.

All the art for today is spur-of-the-moment graphic design that I was inspired to create after reading these verses (Thanks, God!):

2 Chronicles 2:5
2 Chronicles 3:11
2 Chronicles 3:14

2 Chronicles 4:5
2 Chronicles 5:14

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