Sunday, January 6, 2013

Isaiah 51-66

As I resumed my normal Sunday routine today after a two-week departure, I realized how much I love and miss my Sunday School students.

I also realized I have an rapidly approaching birthday. And, this year more than ever, I am thinking about the fact that I am not yet married; that I do not yet have children... Feeling a bit sorry for myself, I suppose, as people sometimes do.

And then, today, as usual, I spent three hours hugging two dozen two-year-olds. And then I came home to read Isaiah 54, where I found such peace.

Why am I lamenting some sort of lack in my life when I have so much love already?

At any rate, I spent the last two weeks visiting some incredible places and seeing some amazing things.

Thank you God, for this beautiful world, and thank you for the people you've put into mine. I love You, and if I have to make a New Year's Resolution, it is this: that I would love and appreciate You more fully, and that I would value the life You have given me and its purpose in a much greater way.

Music Together class © Leia Jobe 2013, verse Isaiah 54:1

White Sands National Monument © Leia Jobe 2012, verse Isaiah 66:2

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